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CZK BTC Si noti che l'importo BTC effettivo della transazione potrebbe differire leggermente dall'importo attualmente indicato a causa delle fluttuazioni dei prezzi e dei tassi di cambio. This is for Crypto payments.

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High amounts available, just ask. If you need to buy your crypto with faster payments first, please read the text in bold, if you have it already then please ignore it.

This is a proper business and requires you to scan an ID to use the platform. Koupot bitcoin signed up, click "Deposit" and use your CZK faster payments enabled bank to transfer money to the app.

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Once you opened the trade, the Bitcoin Koupot bitcoin has been removed from me and placed into the custody of the site escrowdeposit which ever crypto you wish to trade to one of the addresses in the payment window and add any network fees you need to cover so the full amount reaches me: If you need me to tell you how much to send or have a crypto not listed or need any help at all just ask.

QR code available if required for most addresses.

Come ottenere guadagnare Bitcoin gratis - 3 Metodi Bitcoin Gratis.

Once complete, click the button to confirm payment and I will release when the deposit arrives. Please pay within 15 minutes of opening the trade, will release when I koupot bitcoin a confirmation.

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