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Everything regarding importing your transaction data to Crypto.

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The tutorial can be found below on this page. Also, we currently support synchronization from blockchains.

Technical Terms

It supports all the transaction types that are required for your tax calculation. What is Crypto.

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Please follow the instructions below to construct your Crypto. You can download a sample CSV here.

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Due to the nature and complexity of cryptocurrency transactions, there might be errors after the data is imported. We highly recommend that you look through all the transactions to make sure they match your record.

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If you find a mismatch, you can click the 3 dots menu on the right-hand side of each transaction to update the details. How do I read the CSV import summary?

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  3. Bitcoin Abuse Database: 15NQNgBXsTjdmXEaobxKJdk6d18FerjSuW
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So each time after you import a CSV file, we summarize the transactions that we failed to import into 3 categories: a Erroneous transactions; b Unsupported transactions and; c Skipped transactions. Please read our error messages and make adjustments accordingly. You can fix these transactions on your CSV and reupload them bitcoin e g completed. What should I do with the unsupported transactions? We rely on your sole discretion to determine the nature of bitcoin e g transactions, and you should recategorize them with the types supported by Crypto.

Bitcoin Abuse Database

What should I do with the skipped transactions? They should not be included in Crypto. What should I do when the imported transactions exceed the limit of an account?

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Each account can only import 20, transactions per year. You will see an error message if you exceed bitcoin e g limit. In order to import more transactions, please delete transactions that are obsolete.

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