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Base currency: is the token against which exchange rates are generally quoted. Quote currency:is used as reference to give us the relative value of the Base currency. Total assets: the sum of assets in margin trading account, including locked assets and available assets.

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Trade btc usdt in asset: asset transferred into margin trading account from exchange account. Borrowed asset: asset borrowed with asset transferred into margin trading as a collateral.

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Available asset: asset that is available to place orders in margin trading account, including asset borrowed and transferred in. Locked asset: balance not available to place orders in margin trading.

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In general, it refers to asset in order. That is, sell at current high price and buy at a lower price later to benefit from drops in BTC price. The indicator to uate risk of a forced liquidation.

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The higher the risk rate, the lower the loan ratio is, and less chance the margin trading account will be force liquidated. Forced liquidation: when the risk rate in margin trading account is low to liquidation threshold, forced liquidation is triggered. All of the trade btc usdt of this pair are closed automatically to prevent further loss and ensure you do not default on your loan. Liquidation price: A calculated price when the risk rate equals to liquidation threshold.

Categories: Norme e Prassi by Q What is the minimum deposit amount that can be recovered and what are the fees involved? As well, the fee helps offset a portion of the costs Tether incurs through the execution of a robust verification process. Connect Wallet. Margin Borrow Interest Rate.

A forced liquidation will be triggered when the price reaches this value. Non riesci a trovare la risposta che desideri?


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