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Wen does this, not only with a silvery voice and unique charm but with English lyrics translated from regional dialects. Many locals see the year-old Wen as a que es bitcoin en español preserver of Shaanbei folk songs, an age-old genre that features powerful, usually high-pitched melodies. The songs are also characterized by lively rhythms and bold lyrics that portray the happiness and hardships of life on the loess plateau of Shaanxi Province.

Dropping in one of Wen's English courses at Yan'an Vocational and Technical College, one would often find the veteran teacher dressed in the traditional Tang suit, instructing his students to rehearse English versions of Shaanbei folk songs.

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Wen's repertoire now comprises more than folk songs which he translates into English, including the famous revolutionary song "Nanniwan," based on the eponymous revolutionary site in Yan'an. It also includes the song "Wild Lily Flowers Blooming with Red Brilliance," which depicts the local natural landscape. For Wen, there is no greater honor than to introduce his most cherished art to the younger generation and bring it onto the international stage with a creative twist.

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Wen started to translate Shaanbei folk songs in at the behest of a musician friend. An amateur singer and lifelong folk song lover himself, he had doubts about the move at the beginning, nevertheless.

That's why I decided to give it a try.

que es bitcoin en español

Shaanbei folk songs employ many metaphors and other rhetorical devices. They are performed in local dialects, making it complicated to keep their original meaning in English already, let alone retaining their unique flavor. One has to simultaneously be a good singer, interpreter, and folklorist to do a decent job," Wen said.

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To preserve the original charm of Shaanbei folk songs as much as possible in translation, Wen has used multiple strategies such as literal and interpretive translation and omission and has even tried to integrate the rap style into the music. To date, Wen has performed his Shaanbei folk songs at many domestic TV programs and concerts. Wen said his most memorable performance was the one in Australia, where a young Australian girl came up to take a photo with him after the show and told him that she understood the lyrics and liked his version of Chinese folk music.

que es bitcoin en español

Enditem Mahdi Dakhlallah, a leading member of Syria's noleggio btc al-Baath party, speaks during an interview with Xinhua on March 18, Dakhlallah, who used to be a Syrian diplomat and information minister, said the Communist Party of China CPC is a popular party working for the interests of the Chinese people.

He said that he has noticed the big developments in the CPC's governing notions during his previous visits to China and follows up on the conferences of the CPC. For example, the notion of "putting the people first" has pushed China forward, he said.

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The Syrian party official said that as China is an economic, political and human power with the most population in the world, it is able to link between internal developments and global developments. He also mentioned that China has jumped to the stage of the fourth industrial revolution, which que es bitcoin en español that it has entered the electronic revolution. He que es bitcoin en español that as China has realized its economic and scientific independence, Syria should also defend its own independence.

China has always supported Syria, not only economically but also technologically, he said. He stressed that the horizons between Syria and China to achieve mutual developments are wide despite the Western sanctions imposed on Syria. We need China to help our reconstruction process," he said. That's why I'm staying positive," the year-old Russian hummed these lines with a look of relief on his face.

What about yours?

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During this time, he has developed a passion for writing songs in Chinese and English to buck himself up. His songs cover themes that resonate with the times -- loss and confusion, as well as hope for the future and reunion. The songs have gone viral after Gennady posted them on social media.

Praise and gratitude for Gennady flooded que es bitcoin en español from many netizens.

que es bitcoin en español

Echoing similar thoughts, another netizen Xiaoman said she was "touched by the positive energy. Que es bitcoin en español his work in China, he fell in love with a Chinese girl and they got married in Gennady added that his favorite line in the songs is what he believes to be the most positive message for anyone listening.

While his residential compound was locked down, Gennady said he was "not nervous" as the "orderly management of the community" made him feel at ease. Gennady said he was really impressed by the orderly arrangements.

que es bitcoin en español

But, it takes you less than 15 minutes. I think it is efficient," he said. They work very hard.

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And I want to join them, hoping that my contribution could help others as well," he said. Enditem BEIJING -- China's Ministry of Education MOE has released a report on the quality of the country's compulsory education, indicating a relatively high prevalence of myopia, obesity, and sleep deprivation among primary and junior high school students.

Despite the students' good performance in cardiopulmonary function, 8. It showed that Only It also indicated a relatively heavy burden on students during the compulsory education period, as It covered more thanfourth-grade and eighth-grade students as well as a number of school faculties across the country. Children in China receive nine years of compulsory education, made up of six years at primary school and three years at junior high school.

Director Yu Xin recalls the first time she que es bitcoin en español shakuhachi music when she was driving across a viaduct in Beijing three years ago.

que es bitcoin en español

She was playing the album Sorae by Japanese musician Kinohachi, who began learning the instrument during childhood. An ancient type of bamboo flute known as chi ba in Chinese, shakuhachi was introduced from China to Japan during the Tang Dynasty Just as she was struggling to make a decision as to whether she should give up her decadelong life as a housewife in favor of returning to work, Yu, a graduate of film and TV production from New York University, says she suddenly felt a sense of relief and inspiration.

que es bitcoin en español

But Yu was also astonished that she had never heard about shakuhachi before, even though she is an ardent aficionado of traditional Chinese culture. The ancient art form had almost disappeared in China by the end of the Southern Song Dynastybut witnessed something of a resurgence in Japan a few centuries later, before finally returning to China - where it's regaining its popularity among an increasing group of fans.