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By: Augusto Remillano II, Jakub Urbanec February 08, Read time: words Save to Folio While conducting a routine log check, we noticed an interesting script from one of our honeypots downloading a binary connected to a domain. Upon further analysis, we found the script capable of deleting a number of known Linux malware, coin miners, and connections to other miner services and ports, and coin trend observed some parts of the script to be reminiscent of Xbash features and KORKERDS.

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It installs a cryptocurrency-mining malware as well as implants itself into the system and crontabs to survive reboots and deletions. Figure 1.

Script downloading from domain, logged from one of our honeypots.


Routine Noticing the script downloading the binary, we also looked at an analyzed code of KORKERDS modified and collected in November and found them almost the same except for a few additions and coin trend omissions. Basically, the new script deletes the components and mining process of the malware whose code it coin trend. Figure 2.

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Figure 3. It also creates new directories, files, and stop processes with connections to identified IP addresses.

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Figure 4. Coin miner script kills previously installed malware, coin miners, and related services.

Bitcoin: The Upcoming Golden Cross

Figure 5. Removing competing malware is just one way cybercriminals are coin trend their profit. Enterprises can protect themselves from various kinds of evolving attacks by making sure their systems have downloaded the latest patches released by legitimate vendors.

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Having a multilayered protection system in place helps IT administrators immediately detect, prevent, and resolve malware infections such as coin miners and stops them from affecting the network and hindering regular enterprise operations. Trend Micro Solutions.

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