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The Bitcoin exchange bitcoin daalt bitcoin daalt in the run-up to the US elections and increased massively by 30 percent in October. For a short time, digital gold even reached highs that investors have not seen since early What consequences does the outcome of the US elections have for Bitcoin?

This week, a geopolitical event is on the agenda that traditionally causes turmoil in the markets and also in Bitcoin.

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German middle class chasing American giants! The largest high-performance data center in the world!

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Amazon, Google and Microsoft are no competition: this small German company offers 45 times the capacity! Download it now! In return, Bitcoin showed decoupling tendencies from the stock exchange floor and at the same time heralded a bitcoin daalt rally.

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In the last two weeks, digital gold has risen in value by around 2, US dollars and thus by 17 percent. The result was a bullish overall mood among Bitcoin investors, which was last felt in How does the election outcome affect Bitcoin?

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In addition, some analysts suspect that no matter who becomes the new US president, safe havens such as gold or Bitcoin will be among the winners. So whether the U. In his opinion, both politicians will continue the expansive monetary policy of recent years.

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In view of a second bitcoin daalt wave in the US and the associated rescue packages for the economy, a continuation of this policy seems likely. In response, the European Central Bank has already announced that it will print even more money to support the economy.

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Is Joe Biden better bitcoin daalt Bitcoin? Bitcoin and other risky investments are not dependent on who wins the U. The markets just want to know that there is a winner.

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He also said that a majority of investors are afraid of a close election. But this is unjustified, he said, because assets such as gold, silver and Bitcoin would benefit from it in the long term.

Altri acquisti possibili Questa settimana, la società tecnologica con sede in Virginia ha depositato un modulo di divulgazione presso la Securities and Exchange Commission Bitcoin daalt degli Stati Uniti, dove il suo consiglio di amministrazione ha indicato un altro giro di acquisti di BTC. Nel modulo, la società ha spiegato che Bitcoin sarà la sua base patrimoniale primaria, per ora, aggiungendo che un futuro di valutazione delle sue attività in contanti potrebbe renderlo permanente.

Nevertheless, he believes that a victory for Democrat Joe Biden would be better for Bitcoin overall. I would say that the Democrats are better for Gold and Bitcoin, but as long as there is a clear winner, everything goes up.

In contrast, the Bank of America expects a stock crash when the election results are tight. The markets want to see a clear win for Trump or Biden within a week.

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If there is a close election result, stocks could fall by up to 20 percent. This crash could also be dangerous for Bitcoin in the short term, as the markets would be massively unsettled. Similar to bitcoin daalt Corona crash at the beginning of March, a widespread sell-off of assets could also pull Bitcoin down for bitcoin daalt short time.

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