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The performance depends on the configured TDP W at launchthe clocks, the cooling, and the memory configuration. More information is available in our dedicated article about the Raven Ridge architecture.

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The performance is clearly faster than the old RX Vega 6 thanks to the higher clock speed and faster main memory if used. In first synthetic benchmarks, the Vega 6 was able to reach the performance of a dedicated GeForce Greenmangaming bitcoin Thanks to the modern 7nm process and clever power-saving features, the power consumption is comparatively low according to AMDso the graphics card can also be used for slim and light notebooks.

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The Turing generation did not only introduce raytracing for the RTX cards, but also optimized the architecture of the cores and caches. According to Nvidia the CUDA cores offer now a concurrent execution of floating point and integer operations for increased performance in compute-heavy bitcoin amd vs nvidia of modern games.

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Furthermore, the caches were reworked new unified memory architecture with twice the cache compared to Pascal. The Max-Q variant is the power saving version of the mobile GTX Ti with reduced clock speeds, performance and of course power consumption. It is using the same TU chip with 1, shaders.

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Therefore, it is intended for thin and light gaming laptops.