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EVP Steve Sanders best trading platforms that there are several ways fractional shares can be used, including for direct indexing. Sanders noted that fractional shares might help attract RIAs to Interactive Brokers, which works with RIAs of all sizes, at a time when some other brokers have decided not to serve smaller advisors.

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The company earned praise for its "vast amounts of research and tools" which can be obtained bundled or a la carte. Be Sure to Read the Fine Print The article describes the commission-free offerings from the major brokers. The author explains that Interactive Brokers is offering simplified trading with no account minimum and no commissions on US exchange listed stocks and ETFs.

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The article explains that investors should consider other aspects of each firm's offering, such as the amount of interest they can earn on cash in their account and whether there are hidden charges.

The betting program was created to educate people about probability and how it can be used in trading stocks similar to the way it is used in sports betting.

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The author notes they anticipate further client base growth to help IBKR's earnings double over the next three to five years. The company also won first place for its mobile app and was rated best for active traders, margin traders, and mutual fund investors. The article notes that IBKR offers access to markets around the world, in multiple currencies, from a single account.

Fake money can be bet on real matches, with virtual winnings converted into credits that can be used toward commissions on IBKR brokerage accounts. The company's chairman Thomas Peterffy explained that the exchange was designed to teach people how probability works and illustrate that Interactive Brokers has the lowest commissions.

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He said he would not go into the summer with a best trading platforms position due to trade frictions, political background and market illiquidity. The survey cited Trader Workstation as "one of the best platforms in the entire industry" and also praised IBKR's mobile trading platforms.

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Benzinga also noted that Interactive Brokers offers low commissions and margin rates and pays high interest on idle cash. Benzinga praised IBKR for providing access to markets in 31 countries and 23 currencies all from a single account.

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The company was praised for providing access to markets in 31 countries and 23 currencies all from a single account. IBKR received top marks for low commissions and margin rates and the best trading platforms of free research and data it provides.

Overall Rating. The factors considered, and how those factors are weighted, change depending upon the category of providers reviewed. Writers and editors conduct our broker and robo-advisor reviews on an annual basis but continually make updates throughout the year.

IBKR was ranked best for advanced, day, penny stock and options traders. The review notes that Interactive Brokers' Trader Workstation is among the best platforms for advanced traders.

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